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Consistent client services

Throughout two decades in service, we have proudly delivered superior products, and creative solutions with an outstanding customer track-record.

At SQUARE, we strongly believe in keeping client services consistent and on track at all time- with a wide range of ad agency services and high-quality productions.

Square is systematic in its modus operandi when it comes to offering ad agency services.


Creative Concept I Corporate Identity

A brand, as perceived by customers, relates to their associated experiences. The perception also is a result of how the brand tells its story about its business, vision, values, and service that are offered- including, the quality of the services.

And with the quality of customer experience, the customers have a certain perception of the brand. The question is- how does a brand transform its customer’s lives with its products and services. The answer to that- to leave a lasting good expression, a brand needs be consistent in design, tone of communication, and the quality of products and services.

And, apart from visual communication and quality- branding requires all of its essences meticulously carried forth across all media channels.

Branding, once defined, guides and drives every decision in the company. Thus, brand development is the foundation for any mode of marketing- be it print media,
social media, and other mass media channels.


Marketing strategies | Marketing Plans | PR | Media Management

Square provides accurate marketing plans for ad placements and marketing strategies with targets for a positive impact based on the objectives of each campaign.

The services include PR, media buying, advertising, and media management. As an ad agency, Square strives to ensure that the proposed marketing campaign appeals and focuses on the target audiences, at the right place and the right time- at competitive costs to its clients.

Media Booking

Online Ads I Newspapers I Magazines I Radio & TV I Outdoor Ads

Square provides liaison and coordination with media publishers at newspapers, magazines, and social media influencers. Square provides expert advice and
negotiates targeted media inventory dependent on the briefed key performance indicator.

Square is an independent media broker for booking available media spaces and maintains control of the marketing process based on well-developed creative and marketing plans.

Advertising is the audio-visual arm of marketing and communication.

Advertising appears in traditional mass media such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and outdoor advertising. Today, advertising is more prevalent in the new media channels such as websites, social media- with banners ads and videos.

Square creates effective advertising campaigns to generate and increase the consumption of clients’ products and services through definitive branding associating product names and visuals catered to the target audiences.

Event Management

Conferences I Exhibitions I Shows I Light & Sound I Stage I Backdrop I LED Screens

Professional event management is of utmost importance for successful events. Square provides complete event management services and solutions under one roof. With Square’s event management and planning standards, all aspects, and services for events are well coordinated to work together in sync, for smooth execution providing safe and enjoyable events.

And, with long experience in managing events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts, or conventions, Square assures flawless event management. Square also provides hospitality management, communications, marketing, and public relations.

Square’s event planning team comprehensively coordinates all aspects of professional meetings, selection of location, transportation, and coordination for related services.


Stickers I Roll-up I Banners I Flex I Car Branding I Wall Branding I Signage I Floor Stands I Lightboxes I Booths

At Square, all media production is conducted at in-house facilities. Square’s team of professional designers and skilled workers that execute all jobs under supervision.

To mention a few, Square provides top of the class productions for the following services:

  • High-quality stickers for indoor and outdoor application on branded vinyl sticker material, printed on industry quality printing and lamination machines.
  • Roll-up Banners on standard and custom frames, with standard and high-quality non-folding flex material.
  • Banners on sticker material and pivots for indoor and outdoor applications on various materials, such as Flex.
  • Vehicle Branding ranging from stickers right up to full-body branded wraps.
  • Wall Branding on wallpaper material, stickers, and wall paint design.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Signages
  • Branding Floor Stands
  • Lightboxes for indoor and outdoor branding and advertising
  • Booths for malls, offices, and exhibitions


Company Profile I Annual report I Press Release I Web Content

Square’s copywriters are professionals in Arabic and English content creation with over 20 years of experience.

Copywrite specialists are available for each particular industry- investment-banking, retail businesses, industrial companies, and more. The originality of content is guaranteed by Square.

Digital Marketing

Sponsored Ads I Social Media Management

Online and digital advertising has become the most popular and effective method of advertising today.

Online advertising has moved substantially ahead of traditional media, television, radio, and print. Online marketing is now the preferred medium for businesses, brands, and organizations. Square is competent in implementing online advertising strategies that support businesses to the next level and move forward, with marketing strategies that can be defined as such- to be among the top preferred company, service provider or a favorite brand.

Square’s experienced digital marketing experts and marketing know-how ensure maximum potential is utilized through the online and digital media channels.

Video Production

Filming I Script Writing I Animation I Infographics I Slow-motion I Food Stylist I Documentaries

Square provides local voice-over artists for English and Arabic audios. With script content based on client briefs, audio recordings are conducted at partner studios.

Square provides background music solutions, licensed or custom compositions for audio ads for mass media or in-house locations.

At Square, in-house talent manage all digital media production starting from photography and video shooting, right up to publishing and managing the digital content on social media channels. Square also produces digital video ads- that are designed to attract attention to special offers, store promotions, and mall happenings.

Photography and video shooting is conducted at various locations, and editing is processed at the in-house studio.

Web / App Development

Web site design and development | website content publishing | App design and development | App content publishing

Consumers always turn to company websites as their primary source for information, product research, price comparison, and purchasing simplicity, and businesses have been obligated to provide websites that meet the needs of the public- therefore, a website is a fundamental part of the marketing strategy.

Web design is essential for engaging the online audience- Square has talented and experienced specialists that design creative, user-friendly, and effective websites. Square’s web solutions deliver results and properly represent brands and businesses.

Square web design team is also experienced in application development for Apple, Android, and desktop applications.

In an increasingly mobile-centric society, Square’s innovative solutions help achieve maximum awareness, increased revenue, improved customer service, and develop powerful new mobile marketing strategies.

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