We are experts in ad agency services


The four sides of Square’s logo represents our commitment to quality, value, meeting deadlines and cost-effectiveness

Established in 1999

Square is an expert ad agency run by a young team of experienced professionals driven by passion, talent, and fresh ideas.

Square provides tailored solutions with a whole new service level in the visual communication & advertising world.

We are experts in ad agency services

We provide solutions tailored by a team of experienced professionals driven by passion, fresh ideas, and fuelled by expertise with deep knowledge.

Throughout two decades in service, we have proudly delivered superior products, digital solutions, with an outstanding customer track-record.

Effective Planning and achieving targets

In today’s corporate world, we believe that effectively planning longterm strategies and achieving quarterly targets are important.

We understand the business world and what’s needed for market leadership and sustained growth.

Fundamentals of business and branding

That’s why we’re grounded in the fundamentals of business and branding before going into creating marketing plans– and ultimately we help power our customers’ competitive advantage for the long term.

At SQUARE, we strongly believe in keeping client services consistent and on track at all time- with a wide range of creative and high-quality production services.

Our Process & Workflow.

Square is systematic in its modus operandi when it comes to offering ad agency services

Using a series of deliberate processes, from identifying the actions and distinctions that can set a brand apart, to defining the right creative vision that reflects the heart of a brand’s story – Square establishes a crystal-clear strategy of a brand that fuels our best creative work and helps you stay focused, consistent, and intentional long-term.


Beginning with project brief- purpose, objectives, goals, and targets are defined for each project


Brain-storming sessions, and creating unique ideas for design and marketing


Submitting proposals, making adjustments and obtaining approvals


Setting in motion the approved projects

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